Sweeties Vegan™ Southern Soul & Comfort Food


Sweeties Vegan Southern Soul & Comfort Food is a Bakery/Personal Chef/Catering Express* committed to providing delicious comfort food with a Soulful Southern flair that is "Good as Grandma's - Only Vegan!"

Serving food without animal and dairy products can be  difficult, time-consuming, & expensive, especially when preparing for only one or a few individuals.

We can provide a few vegan options or customize an entire menu for your

à Home

à Dinner Party

à Church Buffet, or

à Any Type of Special Event


*Catering Express: We are not a full-service caterer and normally simply drop-off your order. Set-up assistance is extra.

Why Order From Sweetie's Vegan?

Our fresh or frozen, individually wrapped entrees and sides make meatless meal planning, prep, and serving a snap. Don't forget to cap it off with a delicious dessert.

The best part is: Anyone can enjoy them -
Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat-Lovers!

Serving Vegan is Hard ...
...We Make it Easy

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